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Welcome to luigi's pages on web, my name is Luigi Giannelli and I am a researcher in theoretical physics at Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia "Ettore Majorana", Università di Catania.

I am interested in many aspects of science, especially physics.

My Erdös Number is 3:
  1. Paul Erdös authored with Peter Salamon "The Solution to a Problem of Grünbaum", Canadian Mathematical Bulletin 31, 129 (1988),
  2. Peter Salamon authored with Christiane P. Koch "Controllability on relaxation-free subspaces: On the relationship between adiabatic population transfer and optimal control", Physical Review A 85, 033417 (2012),
  3. Christiane P. Koch authored with Luigi Giannelli "Optimal storage of a single photon by a single intra-cavity atom", New Journal of Physics 20, 105009 (2018).